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Committees Allen Lodge No. 1435 A. F. & A. M.

Standing Committee on Fraternal Assistance
Standing Committee on Sickness
Standing Committee on Arbitration

(As prescribed by Grand lodge Law)

Standing Committees
Chairman – Scott Hill
Co-Chair  – Mark Brewer
Co-Chair  – Dennis Dlabaj

Fraternal Assistance

It is their duty to examine all claimants for assistance, and if necessary, they may draw upon the treasury in each instance for an amount not exceeding ten dollars; reporting the facts in each case to the Lodge at the next stated meeting.


It shall be their duty to visit sick Brethren (unless it would be dangerous or imprudent to do so) and ascertain their condition and necessities; and to take such action (s) as they may deem proper and necessary, both in regard to the Brother or his family.


It shall also be the duty of this committee to settle all differences between Brethren, unless the parties prefer to bring the matter before the Lodge.

Committee on Finance
Chairman – Ben Oakley
Co-Chair  – Steve Means
Co-Chair  – Scott Hill

The Committee on Finance is responsible for creating a realistic budget for the Masonic year. It should be ready to vote on at the July stated meeting each year. The scope of the Committee on Finance is:

*       It shall be the duty of this committee at the close of each Masonic year, as soon as appointed and oftener if required, to carefully examine and check the reports, books, and vouchers of the Secretary and Treasurer, and any other financial matters referred to them; making a full and accurate report at the next stated meeting of the Lodge, showing the condition of the books and accounts.  Should any inaccuracies be found, recommend the necessary steps for their correction.

*       The reports of said Committee on Finance thus made, shall be read in open Lodge and spread upon the minutes, noting the action taken by the Lodge; and all accounts and claims against the Lodge, when demanded by a Brother, shall first be referred to this Committee, before being allowed.

*       Assist the Secretary in Timely submitting Forms 71 and 990N.

Committee on Audit
Chairman – Sandy Moore
Co-Chair  – Eric Stewart
Co-Chair  – Jerry McNair

The Audit Committee is to audit all books and accounts of the Treasurer and Secretary and make a prompt report thereof in writing to the Lodge. These are required under Grand Lodge law (Art. 284). Said report shall be read in an open stated communication and be recorded in full in the proceedings of the lodge. The Committee must be appointed by June 24 of each year, a properly completed and signed copy of the Minimum Audit Form No. 71 shall be delivered to the Grand Secretary no later than September 15th of each year.


Special Committees for the benefit of the Lodge

Vanguard Committee
Chairman – Jason Moore
Co-Chair  – Dennis Dlabaj
Co-Chair  – Robert Black

The Vanguard Committee is responsible for recording and maintaining a progress report (at each stated meeting) on all activities and functions as outlined in the 2017-2018 Vanguard Lodge Application Form This Committee should:

*       Provide progress report (s) with dates at each stated meeting.

*       Provide quarterly reports for DDGM review.

*       Submit report no later than 1 week before deadline.

 Bylaws Committee
Chairman – Robert Black
Co-Chair  – John Wilkerson
Co-Chair  – Kevin Berry

To review existing Lodge approved bylaws and determine if it is prudent or needed to alter, adjust, or correct any of the existing By Laws as written. 

*       Review existing Lodge Bylaws.

*       Make recommendations for adds, deletions, and changes (if ANY).

*       Provide update to GLOT in accordance to deadlines prescribed by the Grand Secretaries office and GL Law.

Community Service Committee
Chairman – Lane Worthen
Co-Chair  – Carson Doss
Co-Chair  – Dennis Dlabaj

Responsible for providing the exposure outside of the lodge room as the Lodge develops and grows as responsible community citizens. 

*       Community Builders Award

*       Monitoring and planning community blood drive with Carter Blood Centers to benefit the Scottish Rite and Shriners Hospitals in Texas.

*       Fantastic Teeth Program.

*       Public School week/Take Time to Read.

Charitable Contributions Committee
Chairman – Carson Doss
Co-Chair  – Ben Oakley
Co-Chair  – Michael Malone

This committee will be responsible for determining what, when, how, etc. any/all funds the Lodge can utilize toward providing Scholarships, Masonic contributions, and etc. – strictly within the financial capabilities of the Lodge. It will be the responsibility of the entire lodge to assist in these efforts.

The committee will be responsible for obtaining deserving scholarship applicants for the Lamar Scholarships (for graduating high school seniors) – if funds are available.

This committee will work closely with the Community Services Committee.  

Member Services Committee
Chairman – Mark Brewer
Co-Chair  – Robert Black
Co-Chair  – Michael Malone
Co-Chair  – Scott Hill

The following internal Lodge functions are under the direction of this committee:

*       Service Awards:

*   Golden Trowel

*   25 year Mason Awards

*   30 year Mason Awards

*   40 year Mason Awards

*   50 year Mason Awards, etc.

*       Phone committee [Calling committee, see Appendix A].

*       Electronic communications.

*       Past Master Recognition Night.

*       Festive boards.

*       Past due notices for Brothers.

*       Washington’s Birthday.

Lodge Education/History Programs
Chairman – Lane Worthen
Co-Chair  – Doug Kale
Co-Chair  – Jerry McNair

To provide continuing education for the Lodge and in keeping with the Grand Master edicts of 2015 and 2016.

Keep Allen Beautiful
Chairman – Gary Shepherd
Co-Chair  – Scott Hill

To coordinate all efforts in conjunction with the City of Allen to provide timely service on the assigned street(s) for the “Keep Allen Beautiful” project. (Quarterly)

Celebrate Allen
Chairman – Toby Roberson
Co-Chair  – Rudy Wayan

To coordinate with the City of Allen Parks Department for the Annual ‘Celebrate Allen’ project. Maintain a volunteer list, coordinate all activates and act as contact for all communications with the proper City staff. 

Concessions Officer
Chairman – Billy Davidson
Co-Chair  – Scott Hill
Co-Chair  – Mark Brewer

To head this committee and be the primary individual to communicate with the Allen Independent School District relating to all concession activities. Drawing on              ALL LODGE MEMBERS AS NECESSARY TO FULFILL THIS LODGE'S REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS IMPORTANT COMMUNITY FUNCTION.

Technology Committee
Chairman – Matt Smith
Co-Chair  – Doug Kale
Co-Chair  – Toby Roberson

This team will lead all aspects of website development and calendar integration.  Team is tasked with finding a better way to communicate with Lodge membership to include all aspects of social media.