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Allen Lodge No. 1435 A. F. & A. M.

Lodge Record Keeping

This software was developed in the fall of 2005 to help meet the record keeping needs of Allen Lodge No. 1435.  The intent is to make it available, free of charge (as long as possible) to Texas Lodges.   (Our website is www.allenlodge1435.org or allen1435@tx.rr.com)  Our address is:

Allen Lodge No. 1435 A. F. & A. M.
101 N. Allen Drive
Allen, Texas 75013
This software is in no way intended to replace the paper records you should be maintaining for each member.  It is intended to aid you in finding information about your Lodge Brothers quickly and easily.
Note:  If you have previously installed Lodge Record Keeping Software using the installation CD, you may download the latest release by clicking on the link shown below.  Just downloading the software and trying to run it WILL NOT WORK.  To upgrade to the most recent software release, only the Lodge.exe file needs to be replaced.  The software is designed NOT to overlay your current database.

A big THANKS to Brother Jimmy Emmons for helping find printing bugs.  They have been fixed as noted below.  Also a new feature to create "Comma Delimited" files for your dues notice mailings has been added.  This will help you create Labels and "Personalized" dues notices using your mail/merge and label software.

If you share your database with other members of your Lodge by emailing them the backup file,  you should be careful to see that they are using the same release of the software as you are.

                                                                                             ===>  Release 8.6.6 is the FINAL Release of Lodge Record Keeping. <=== 

  •  When printing Worshipful Masters, if you "SELECT ALL MEMBERS" you will print both Active and Inactive Worshipful Masters.

  • When printing Worshipful Masters, if you "SELECT ACTIVE MEMBERS" you will print only Active Worshipful Masters.

  • When printing Worshipful Masters, if you "SELECT INACTIVE MEMBERS" you will print only InActive Worshipful Masters.

                                                      Tip: When Entering "VOTED ON" and "VOTE RESULTS" is is best to have the "SELECT ALL MEMBERS" option set to ON.  If you use the other selection options,
                                                               changing the Status of a Member from "
ACTIVE" to "INACTIVE" or from "INACTIVE" to "ACTIVE" the Member will cause the member to "disappear from the list"
                                                               until you switchback to the "
                                                      Tip: When using Windows 7, run the application as an "Administrator" as this will allow you to save files (right click on icon to select Administrator).
                                                      Tip: Save Reports to an Image Writer to view them before printing them by using the "SELECT PRINTER" Option on the "CREATE REPORTS" Page.

The starting User Name is "admin" and Password is "password" all lower case.  You can and should change them using the Maintain LODGE INFORMATION Function.  When Installing ALWAYS keep the newer File if asked.

Documentation is included on the Installation CD.

When downloading use "Save" and navigate to your C:\LodgeRecords Directory.

Download Release 8.6.6 Execute File (1292KB)

Lodge Record Keeping Tips and Hints

Download Release 8.6.6 CD With Documentation

Caveat:  This software should run on most Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, including Windows 10, however, there is no implied or expressed warranty - users assume all risk in downloading and using this software. 
Note:  You may get several messages about some files being newer on your PC (maybe 6 or 8)- you should always keep the newer file!
Note:  When backing up the database when running Windows 10, the
"C:\Lodge.bak" or backup file may be put in a "C:\Users\Computer Name" Named directory.